Countdown to Ironman: 3 weeks to go

13 02 2017


That’s the word one of my training buddies used to describe this past weekend’s training ride.

We can handle 5 hours. We can handle hill reps. But 5 hours of hill reps is just, well, ridiculous.

When I tweeted about the resulting stats – 1700m elevation gained over 102kms – someone wanted to check that our coach knew we weren’t entered for the Tour de France.

I sometimes wonder.

It was another one of those days when the mental game needed to be on point.

And it was a day when training partners were a necessity, not a nice to have. It felt like there was a collective strength as well as individual. Without each other, we acknowledged that we wouldn’t have gone as far, as high, for as long if we’d been alone.


Ten reps, over three different hills.


As we reach the pointy end of training, with one big week left in the plan, our bodies seem to be in a state of permanent fatigue, and our minds are impacted too.

One squad mate claims to have a severe case of “Ironman brain” – a general sense of forgetfulness and confusion! When he told me the symptoms I had to admit to displaying some myself – if a little milder.

Another describes herself as an Ironman “zombie” where the sheer volume of exercise and lack of volume of sleep contribute to a sense of auto-pilot. Especially when it comes to those long runs.

It reminded me of this video I saw a couple of years ago

Yep. That pretty much sums it up.

And I know what most of you are thinking.

That’s ridiculous. Right?





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