“I’m never doing Ironman.” Yeah right…

23 12 2016

The drive up to Taupo felt so familiar. It’s almost like a second home these days. In the last year (and a bit), I’ve driven that same stretch of SH1 five times.

And over the next couple of months there’s at least two more trips to be made as I’ve decided to do the full Ironman.

In March. 2017. Yes, that’s only three months away.

Yes I may be a little bit crazy.

This time last year I said “I’m never doing Ironman.” I simply couldn’t fathom swimming that far. Or that long.

And let’s face it, after 90kms on the bike in the half, you’re desperate to get off. Given the full is two laps, I was struggling to see how I’d be keen to do it all again.

But stuff has happened since then.

My swimming has improved, both in the pool and in open water. I have no problems getting into the ocean with a bunch of other people. I’m very good at switching off from what’s going on around me and switching on to what’s happening with me.

I’ve also watched Ironman. In March, 19 of my squad mates, including two of my closest training buddies, completed the most gruelling endurance event I can think of. And I watched all 19 of them get through.

And I also watched a whole bunch of others who were just normal people, just like me, who set themselves this Big Hairy Audacious Gaol and went for it. They weren’t chasing places in Kona. Or even chasing a time.

For the majority of people on the course that day, they were simply chasing the finish line.

It made me realise the only thing stopping me, was me. It was most definitely a case of mind over matter.


But most importantly I’ve recently been given a stark reminder of how precious life is and how short it can be.

And that there’s only one of them.

It’s our choice how we live our lives, how we are fulfilled. And each of us will have different goals, different journeys to achieve them. But take advantage of life while you can.

While you’re capable. And live it to the full.

Create dreams and chase them.

In my case, that dream is to hear Mike Reilly say those iconic words “you are an Ironman” after announcing my name.

And I dedicate that dream to one of my oldest friends.




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