In my happy place

10 07 2016

You know when you’re somewhere, or with some specific people, or doing something in particular that feels so natural, it feels like there’s something missing when you’re not there?

That’s what my training squad is to me. I can’t describe how excited I was when my Training Peaks schedule was full once again (sad, I know). It was like my motivation was ignited.

It’s my triathlon family. So much more than friends. Amigos.


This week was our first week back together as we started the winter base training squad. Like me, last year most of us only joined in at the half ironman squad in September.

We were mostly rookies. Virgins.

But this year we’re not. This year we’ve been there. Done that. And this year, we want a better t-shirt. Or a better finishing time. So we’re getting down to business earlier.

Our first squad ride proved that time may move on, but the friendships, and the jokes, don’t (cone up Jane!).

My four closest training buddies, my Amigos, were back in the saddle. New goals. New gear. Same old banter.

But behind the humour, there’s always some serious support for one another out there. We have each other’s backs. We’ll get each other through. And at the end of it, there’s always a smile. Even if it’s a slightly dodgy one.






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