Fatter, but fitter

17 05 2016

It’s a popular belief that if you lose weight and get thinner, that must mean you’re fitter and healthier.

A bit like the (now disproven) theory that eating fat makes you pile on the pounds so low fat foods are the way to go.

I recently had my annual health check at work. It’s a bit like a WOF or MOT for your car. You do that every year, mainly because you have to by law. But we don’t do the same for our bodies.

I knew I’d put some weight on. I haven’t been as careful with my food choices lately. My low carb healthy fat approach to eating had become more of a ‘don’t care healthy fat’ approach. And as a result my clothes were starting to feel tighter.

So I wasn’t surprised when I hopped on the scales and was around 4kgs heavier than last year, and that my BMI had slipped firmly into the overweight category.

In reality, neither of those numbers really matter to me too much. When I was little my mum used to say I was big boned. And to be fair, that’s a pretty accurate reflection of my build. No matter how much weight I lost, I don’t think I could ever fit into small size clothes. I’m just built broad. And that equates to heavy.

And factor in all the training I do, muscle weighs more than fat. When you consider that, according to BMI, most professional rugby players are classed as obese, I take it with a grain of salt.

What matters more to me is how my clothes feel, what I look like in the mirror and, even more importantly, what my numbers say about my insides.

So even though my eating hadn’t been great and my clothes were a little tight, my increased training regime over last eight months has obviously had an effect. All my numbers; cholesterol, blood pressure and heart rate, were down. I was pretty healthy on the inside last year, but I’m even healthier now.

So even though I might feel fatter, on the inside, I’m fitter.

Does that mean I’m going to continue being a bit too relaxed about my eating habits? Well, no. Like I said, even though the numbers don’t don’t worry me too much, the feel of my clothes does. And, more importantly, thinking of my goals for the coming year, a little less weight to lug around on a bike is always going to be welcomed.

I want to get back to being fit on the outside as well as in.




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