Back in class

16 03 2015

I can swim. Let’s get that straight.

But I’m not what you’d call “a swimmer”.

I’ve got no issues with jumping in the water and keeping myself afloat. And even moving from one point to another. I can swim a few lengths of the pool no problem.

But I now have loftier goals.

So while I could plug away in the pool for hours on end trying to clock up the kms, it seemed to make more sense to actually go and get some proper guidance.

After all. we all know how hard it is to accept help, and well-intentioned criticism, from a long-suffering spouse!

I hadn’t had a swimming lesson in around 30 years. So what was it going to feel like getting back into that class situation? Was I going to feel like a small child again? Was I going to feel stupid? Would I be the odd one out?

Turns out I feel none of those things. Well, apart from the fact that I’m the only female, but then there’s only three of us. We all have very different reasons for being there. Our swimming skills aren’t too far apart though, which means we’re progressing well.

I’m not being judged by anyone. Except maybe the instructor. Who’s probably never seen a worse case of goggle eyes.

Goggle eyes 1

The difficult bit is unlearning all of those habits that have become natural to you over the years. The side on which you naturally breathe. The position of your head in the water. The way you use your arms and legs.

It’s like changing the hand you write with.

Some of the drills are also very new. And you have to fight your natural urges and instincts to do them. But I like to think I’m a pretty good student. And with some clear instruction, I’m away.

I’m only two weeks into the course of five, and I’m determined to get at least one swim in between classes to practice. I’ve been swimming four times in the last week and a half.

And it’s paying off.

I’m already feeling fitter and stronger in the water. I’m more confident in my abilities. And I’m learning new skills that I know will benefit me, regardless of whether I achieve my half ironman goal or not.

So no, I don’t feel like a small child. I feel like a grown up, who’s willing to take on advice and instruction, to get better at something I can already do.

And no, I don’t feel stupid. I feel pretty damn proud in fact.




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