I would really like to complete a half ironman

12 03 2015

There. I said it. Judge me.

Putting it down (electronically) on paper somehow makes it more real. More lasting. More committed.

Some people might call me crazy. It’s a word that’s crossed my mind on more than one occasion since hubby and I first mentioned it. Like, batshit crazy.

batshit crazy

To put this into perspective, it’s a 1.9km/1.2 mile swim, a 90km/56 mile bike ride, topped off with a half marathon (21.1kms or 13.1 miles).

Let’s put this in another perspective. I’ve run a few half marathons. I know I can do that. The longest I’ve ridden a bike is 35.5kms. And I’m not much of a swimmer.

But to do a half ironman, I’ve got to do this, and more, all at once. One after the other.

I’m not worried about the bike, or the run. I know I can already do those things. I just need to build up my endurance to cope with the length of time I’ll be out there.

The swim is the one thing I don’t have confidence in. I’ve not really swum much as an adult. We were taught to swim at school, but even then, we wouldn’t swim length after length.

If I went to the pool with my mates, we’d maybe swim a bit, but we’d spend most of the time larking about.

But to swim a half ironman, I’ll probably need to be swimming continuously for close to an hour. In open water too. Not a pool.

There will be no sides to hold onto and rest on. No natural breaks at the end of a length.

I’ve given this triathlon thing a go before. But it was only a baby one. I guess you could say I dipped my toe in the water. Or my whole body. I didn’t event really need to train for it.

The race we have in mind is Taupo 70.3. It’s on 12th December so that’s heaps of time, right? Well, I know that time moves pretty damn quickly these days. And I know fitness and endurance don’t happen by osmosis.

I need to start training. Like, now. Otherwise I won’t even be fit enough to make the starting line, let alone the finish post.

I’ve got 9 months. But I’m still bricking it. And I’ve not signed up for the race. Yet.

I know that my whole life will have to change in the run up to the event. At least the last three months will have to be dedicated completely to training.

So it comes down to how much I really would like to do this.





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