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14 09 2014

As I’ve said before, I need a goal to maintain any level of focus, whether it be an exercise regime, training programme that requires several get-ups before 6am, or eating habits.

As of today, I have no goal. I feel a little lacking in motivation.

My exercise regime has been driven around a few things lately, mostly my ‘work’ as a Group Power instructor. There’s nothing more motivating than the commitment of having a scheduled class that you have to teach!

A predominantly weights-based workout programme has multiple benefits – stronger bones, greater muscle mass (which in turn means burning more calories doing nothing), and increased strength to help me with the other forms of exercise I choose. It means I have arms that I’m proud of! If only the same status could be applied to my lower limbs.


A friend told me today that my frame is “getting bigger again”. Now I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean it in a “you’re getting lardy again” kind of way, more of a “you’re bulking up and getting more muscular” kind of way. But it did get me thinking about how my regime has changed and what I want from myself, and my body.

I’m approaching the Big Four Oh. And having spent most of my life the wrong side of the BMI line, I’m keen not to return to it. For the most part, I’ve got the exercise part of this licked. But, as one of my favourite former personal trainers used to say, 20% of what you look is created in the gym. The other 80% is created by what you eat.

At the moment, I’ve probably got the balance the wrong way round and I need to switch it back. Old habits have started to creep back in.

I need to find some way to motivate me to kick these habits into touch again.

But also, my reduced focus on cardio exercise, in particular, running, has meant I’m feeling that the fat isn’t being burnt. And I hate to say it, but I am feeling a little more lardy.

Given that I know what my main motivating factors are, I need something to revive the competitive spirit in me.

Some things I may be able to focus on include:

  • That Big Four Oh that’s winging its way in my direction. My mum and sister are coming out to celebrate with me and neither of them have seen the “new” me – nearly 20kgs lighter. Perhaps I should aim to be that full 20kgs lighter by the time they arrive?
  • We’re about to start a 10,000 steps (a day) challenge at work. This will definitely tap into my competitive streak and motivate me to get out and walk, run or cycle more, and generally be more active. Perhaps I should tie my goal in with that?
  • Give myself a new event to aim for. There’s plenty of options and I don’t have to focus on running (seeing as my hamstring’s a bit stuffed and I’m having physio treatment). So maybe a mini triathlon could be the way forward? The run part is tiny (2.3kms) allowing me to focus more on the bike and swim. Perhaps I should expand my repertoire?

What do you reckon?




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