Getting out of my comfort zone

21 05 2014

There’s very little that terrifies me more than standing up on stage in front of a bunch of people and having to present to them. For someone in the Communications industry, you’d think that it would be something I’m comfortable with. But I’m not.

I’m a shy, private person. I warm up when you get to know me, but I’ve never been one to crave attention, or want to be the centre of it. I hate the limelight. I’d much rather share it (just ask my team!).

So picture this. I’m up on a stage. The lights are on full (no dimming here). I’ve got a microphone strapped to my head. There’s a bar bell in front of me. And 20 pairs of expectant eyes waiting for me to talk them through, at the same time as showing them, the legs track at a Group Power class. At 6:35am on a Tuesday morning. I wasn’t expecting it. And I’m dressed in lycra.

No it wasn’t a nightmare. It was damn real. It was me. Yesterday morning.

But as I mentally prepared myself for the task ahead, I realised something.

I’m more powerful than them. And I don’t mean that physically either.

I KNOW more than they do. I know the music. I know the moves. I know which order they’re in. And I know what to say to encourage them and coach them through it.

So what was I worried about?

As always, I was worried about being judged. I don’t know why I care so much what people think. At the end of the day, the people that really matter, my friends and family, all know me. They know who I am. And they will love me regardless. These strangers in a Group Fitness class don’t know me from Adam. The worst they could do is choose not to come to my class (when I eventually have one).

But looking around the room, into the eyes of those strangers, I could see a desire to learn. To be guided. By me. They weren’t judging me. They wanted me to do well. To succeed.

I remembered some advice a PT friend of mine gave to me when I started out. She told me to let my enthusiasm for the class shine through. To smile and attempt to look like I was enjoying it.

I didn’t have to try. I really was.

And yet I was out of my comfort zone.

It’s taken me a long time to get the guts up to do this. And I’m doing it for me. There’s no other motivator. I’m not planning a career change. It doesn’t pay very well. It’s just me against my fears. And I’m slowly getting over them.




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