Time for me to power up

12 05 2014

So running has become a big part of my life. It’s helped me achieve goals I never thought were possible. For me at least.

But after the Round the Bays half marathon, I needed a new challenge. I was feeling the effects of a badly run race and desperately needed something else to focus on.

But what would I do? What could I do to complement my running fitness but that was completely different?

That’s when I saw a poster in the gym asking for trainee Group Fitness instructors.

A quick chat with the Group Fitness Manager confirmed they needed instructors in Group Power, one of my favourite programmes. So I “auditioned” by presenting two tracks to prove I could a) learn the choreography and b) move in time to the music.

I passed. And was enrolled onto the cityfitness citytraining instructor programme.

Yeah, that’s a good idea. Heap a whole load more work and pressure on yourself to learn a whole new trade, right? That’s just what you need right now.

Truth was, it was exactly what I needed. I needed something to take the pressure off my running (I’m never going to be Paula Radcliffe so why put so much pressure on myself?). I was also having a hard time personally, so the physical and mental conditioning gave me somewhere positive to focus.

Fast forward a couple of months and I’ve now been cleared to teach my first track. The poor, unsuspecting participants will have to endure my dulcet tones forcing them to squat a bit harder.

And a little deeper. (Oo er mrs! Where’s Babs Windsor when you need her?)

Here’s a little preview of the Group Power release I’m learning to teach.

If you’re unlucky, you might find me on stage barking orders at you one of these days.

By the way, I make a good sergeant major 😉

My running has taken a real back seat as I have to spend my “free” time learning choreography, scripts, moves and cueing, all whilst performing the routine too. I used to participate in these classes and be critical of the instructors I thought were “bad”, but now I have a new found respect for them. It is a lot harder than it looks. I would liken it to acting on stage. Which I’ve never really done. And I’m sure I’d be dreadful at.

But the point about doing this was to push myself. To challenge myself. And it’s doing that alright. Objective achieved.

So what are you waiting for?





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