Creating memories of a different kind

7 05 2014

We were lucky enough to win a photo shoot for Maddy with the gorgeous Tara Sutherland. Maddy is suffering from heart failure and we simply don’t know how long she has left. So when Tara ran a competition to donate a photo session, I was delighted to be nominated multiple times (but OK, I may have asked for nominations!). But it was important to me, knowing that Maddy’s time with us is so limited.

We’re absolutely delighted with the photos Tara has produced. They truly capture Maddy’s personality. During the shoot, she exclaimed “that’s the money shot” and showed me the pic on her camera. It moved me so much I burst into tears. She told me to give Maddy a hug, which she also then captured.

These are treasured memories that are committed to “digital film”. We know Maddy won’t be around that long. But we’ve now got some amazing keepsakes that will last “furever”.

MaddytheBeagle7707-lifebytaraMaddytheBeagle7428-lifebytaraMaddytheBeagle7451-lifebytara MaddytheBeagle7500-lifebytara MaddytheBeagle7566-lifebytara MaddytheBeagle7596-lifebytara MaddytheBeagle7607-lifebytara MaddytheBeagle7658-lifebytara




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