The locals laughed at me recently

22 04 2013

You might think that this might be a more regular occurrence, but some kiwis were incredulous at what I had to say. It actually might be more common, but i might just be oblivious to it.

I said I wanted to learn how to fish.

What’s wrong with that?

What’s so funny?

Kiwis just grow up doing this, so the fact that a grown adult verbalised that they wanted to learn seemed astonishing to them. After all, in NZ you’re just as likely to learn to skipper a boat before you learn how to drive a car (and you can probably drive a boat better than a car anyway). And they’re practically born with a rod in their hands and sent out to catch dinner before they get to kindy.

But in the uk, the chances of owning a boat (that you haven’t stolen) are slimmer than Keira Knightley’s waist. And the fact that most fishing in the uk is catch and release makes it pointless. Right?

But here it’s quite the done thing to go and pull tonight’s supper right out of the Cook Strait.

That’s the thing about emigrating though, it’s the chance to embrace the new. The things that you wouldn’t be seen dead doing back home but which are widely accepted in your adopted country. I never even thought about buying a campervan in the uk, yet the minute we moved here, it went straight on the Bucket List.

Similarly you have to accept things will be different. You didn’t move half way around the world to have the same uk experience. Just with marginally better weather. And a bit less graffiti.

We move countries for a reason. Those reasons are wide and varied. But if you’ve made the conscious decision to leave “home” behind, I find it futile to bemoan the differences between your newly adopted country and the one you’ve left behind. You might as well have stayed there if that’s the case.

As for my fishing quest. Well, I’ve yet to have a single bite on my handful of casts. But I’ve got the rest of my life to learn. And plenty of campervan trips to practice on.




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