Introducing our bach

18 04 2013

So, for many kiwis, a holiday home by the beach is a way of life. In most other countries, owning one home is an achievement worthy of celebration. Here, owning two homes is virtually expected.

But we’re not the types to return to the same haunts time after time. Preferring instead to get out and explore more of this beautiful country we now call home.

Plus we don’t even own our “home home”, let alone have a need to buy a “home away from home”. Besides, where on earth would we buy one?

Or long-held dream, following our first holiday to NZ back in 2009, was to own a campervan that would give us the freedom to roam these fine shores as and when, and how we choose. So that’s what we’ve done.

We’re the proud owners of a little 2-berth Toyota Hiace van with all the trimmings. It allows us freedom to take our pooch on the road with us too, giving us flexibility and no strings. And boy does it feel good.

The worst thing for us is trying to decide where to go.







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