Is this the beginning of the end?

31 08 2011

And no I don’t mean for NZ. We’ve still got a lot of living to do down under.

Back in March, we decided to put our UK house on the market that would sever the single largest physical tie to the UK. The housing market was rough, we knew that, but we just didn’t know how long it would take.

Estate agent number one was recommended by our next door neighbour who had sold with relative ease and for a very good price. We were a bit stumped to start with when they valued our house at less than the neighbour’s identical house sold for, but we needed the sale, so we went in lower, and even made one price reduction.

One viewing in three months was all we got. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when I looked at Rightmove and found that two similar houses, including our other next door neighbour’s, had sold for more than our house was on for. A quick enquiry to the estate agent that had sold both of those and we switched.

Before we’d even got the house back on the market they had a viewing lined up for us. It looked promising. The viewers were “proceedable”. After the viewing, the feedback was positive and they were interested to make an offer. Except that now they’d found out they did have to sell their own house to fund the move. And that wasn’t even on the market.

Finally after a further month and a bit, we had a bite. We had an offer on the table. The usual to-ing and fro-ing a couple of times got us to an agreed price and the sale is in full motion. Our buyer is equally as motivated as we are. They are desperate to move but happy to wait for our tenants to move out.

So hopefully on the 12th October, we will complete the sale and we will no longer have a foot on the property ladder in any country. Some might say it’s the beginning of the end of our links with the UK. But as long as we have our families and our closest friends there, we will always have ties.

So to me it’s not the beginning of the end at all. It’s simple the start of the next chapter in our life.




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