Being outsourced

20 06 2011

Today has been the first day of a new job. But not in the usual sense that you might expect. Today I have been “outsourced” to a government department/project for a period of time that we’re not quite certain of. It’s led me to reflect on something that seems to be a distinctly kiwi trait.

Since moving here, I’ve noticed that goalposts are most definitely moveable. Sometimes for the better. Sometimes people use them as an excuse. Sometimes things get lost in translation. But for us, this is definitely a part of kiwi culture that is hard to come to terms with.

For me, I like to know where I stand. I don’t like things to chop and change depending on which way the wind’s blowing. It creates a culture of uncertainty where you begin to lose the perspective of where you might stand.

This leaves you unsure of your position and you’re never quite sure if people are going to come good on their promises. But it seems perfectly normal to them.

Some advice I was given recently was to decide what I wanted for myself and make a statement. For the particular situation in question, this is probably sound advice. However, the little I know of kiwis makes me suspect that if I started to apply this to all aspects of my life, and every situation with flexible goalposts, I might find myself getting a reputation.

And in a small town like Wellington, at isn’t a good thing.

This trait possibly stems from the notorious “she’ll be right” attitude favored country wide. A mush more lassez faire approach to life that simply takes it as it comes. And maybe that’s the learning point for us. To become true kiwis we just have to roll with the punches. But is that really us? I’m not so sure.




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29 08 2011
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