Becoming “Wellingtonian”

12 05 2011

So, we’ve been here nearly eight months, so how close are we to becoming true Wellingtonians?

Wellington is known as the culture capital of NZ. I can probably count on one hand the number of times we’ve been to the theatre in the past 10 years. Yet in less than eight months in Wellington, we’ve started to frequent the theatre quite regularly. Between us we’ve seen the Rocky Horror Show, I ❤ Camping, the Spy Who Wouldn’t Die Again and the Wellington International Ukelele Orchestra. We’ve got tickets to see Danny Bhoy at the NZ Comedy Festival, and the Reduced Shakespeare Company doing Completely Hollywood (Abridged). We’re also going to try and see CSI:Wainuiu – a spoof of the TV series based in a town outside Wellington. Not bad for a few months!

And we’ve done things like attended free concerts and films in the Botanical Gardens, joined the ritual fun at the NZI Sevens Rugby. I think that last one alone qualifies us as true Wellingtonians!

We also appear to have become coffee snobs! Coffee is intravenous in Wellington and we have sampled our fair share. But it seems fair to say that we’re a little bit partial to Mojo coffee. Especially a lovely, milky, trim flat white. Yum. We noticed our snobbery when we went out for dinner and debated whether to pick up a coffee to go at the restaurant or on the way home.

Hubby hadn’t filled up on the light restaurant meal so fancied stopping at McDonald’s (heathen!). He suggested we pick up a coffee at McCafe instead. By the time we got to the said fast food joint, the McCafe was shut so it was a latte from a machine for us. And boy was it rank! And yet it didn’t cost us much less (if anything) than it would have done to get restaurant take out.

So yes. We’re coffee snobs, and proud of it. Surely that qualifies us as Wellingtonians?




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6 06 2011
Lux Fine Photography

Have you tried Deluxe (Next to the Embassy theatre) – they make very good coffee 🙂 mmmm I miss Deluxe, and Schoc chocolate!

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