Group buying perils

16 04 2011

I recently wrote about my daily deal addiction, although I’ve since been educated in the fact that what I have is a symptom of Group Buying Syndrome.

What I have become more aware of lately is the result of buying too much and getting caught up in a wave of Group Buying Frenzy.

So far I’ve had about four vouchers expire on me without me realising that they were about to run out. I have tried to book or use others too late in the game and come up against fellow Group Buyers in the same boat.

Take, for example, the great deal for Shandon Golf Club – a round of golf plus drink for $25 (value $70). Bargain, I thought. I’ll buy four. That’s two rounds for hubby and I. They run out on 30th April and they’re still unused. Hubby has a sprained ankle, making 18 holes of golf a bit tricky. We’re away for Easter weekend and working right after. I sold two to my workmates as a way of getting rid but I’m still stuck with two. And I bought two rounds for the Golf Warehouse and two for Karori (which I’ve also off-loaded!).

I fear that it is just a manifestation of another shopping problem I have called Sale Addict Buying. When we go around the supermarket I am often lured in by the BOGOF deals and other such sales. I am a marketers dream.

And you’d think I’d know better considering I work in marketing!

I have made a resolution to only buy things I know we’ll use or for things we have planned. For instance, we’re off to Christchurch in June and so I’m checking Grab One for there as well as Wellington. Hubby like military history so I bought two vouchers to get us into the Air Force museum. And I needed a hair cut so was desperately waiting for one of the sites to offer a cut and colour for a city centre salon – one just came up on Spreets.

My husband posted a fortune cookie “fortune” onto our fridge in a vain attempt to curb my habits. It says “Buy things because you need them, not because they are on sale.” Wise words indeed.

But just because you don’t need it now, doesn’t mean you won’t need it at some point in the future…




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