Daily deal addiction!

24 03 2011

 There’s a HUGE phenomenon in NZ that is daily deal websites. It seems that they’re cropping up everywhere!

Great news for bargain hunters out there. But bad news for the credit card!

The craze was highlighted this week with the highly anticipated launch of Treat Me – Trade Me’s very own deal site. The launch was frenzied – with promises of $1 burgers from Burger Fuel. Not only that, but Wellingtonians were treated to $1 Wholly Bagels.

The site kicked off at 12am. Personally, I was already wide awake (no I didn’t get up for this purpose – I was still awake!). So I thought, what the hell. Let’s try and get in there.

And so I did. For 50 minutes. Without a single successful transaction. I went to bed and gave up.

Fortunately for me, the heavy overnight rain woke me up at 3am, so I thought I’d give it another whirl on my iPhone. After all, I didn’t need to get my credit card as I’d memorised all the numbers!

This time, success! Two lots of burgers and two bagels for the princely sum of $4 – less than 10% of the normal price.

I’ve just got to remember to use them now. Sometimes I buy so many that the run out before I’ve spotted that they’ve expired! We’ve got that many golf vouchers right now we could play every week for two months!

One day I spent $200 on two daily deals – I bought four rounds of golf and dinner and a drink for four. Normally the actual price of those would have been $480 – so I don’t think I did too badly!

I have decided to be a lot more discerning about the deals I buy, restricting myself to things that I know we will use. The dental appointment may take a bit of coaxing to get my husband to though!

So what do sites we have and how good are they?

Grab One sets the pace, with two or three deals a day in Wellington and a great service.

1-Day offers both experiences and products for sale. We’ve bought both and had fast service all the time.

Both Grab One and 1 Day also have iPhone apps which are ever so useful. And dangerous.

Groupy is equally good, just one deal a day though.

Daily do is another one-a-day site. The emails look cheap but the deals are good.

Spreets is fairly new and my experience of using them doesn’t match what the others do. But there’s an incentive to sign up at least, to be in with the chance to win an iPad.

*this is my personal opinion based on my own experience. Try them for yourself. But maybe buy a time-locked safe for the credit card first!




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