Our first visitors

4 03 2011

We’ve been in NZ for just over five months and this week we had our first visitors. Personally I think that’s quite good considering we’re pretty much half way round the world from nearly everyone we know.

Our first house guest was supposed to come and stay with us last weekend. An ex-colleague and friend was on a work trip to Christchurch and was due to call in on his way to Auckland to fly home.

At 12.51pm on 22nd February, he and his travelling companions were jolted by the Christchurch quake. They didn’t stick around, naturally.

Still, they passed through Wellington on 23rd February and I was able to help them let their hair down a bit after their experience.

This week, a couple of ex-colleagues who have recently taken early retirement stopped off on their five-week campervan adventure around NZ.

Whilst the weather wasn’t the best in Welly, they got the chance to sleep in a proper bed (the first thing they said upon arrival!) and eat some proper food.

We treated them to a true Kiwi dinner of roast lamb and kumara, which seemed to go down very well!

It is nice to share our new life with people we’ve known for some time, who can see the attraction and understand our reasons for wanting to move. They recognise the beauty of NZ and what it has to offer from a lifestyle perspective. What we have on our doorstep.

We didn’t come to NZ for financial gain, although it may well come along, in which case, bonus! But we came to find somewhere we could lay our hats and call home. We’ve moved around a fair bit, across the UK and USA and we’ve not always felt the same towards a place. One had felt at home while the other felt alienated or out of place. We’re hoping Wellington is a shared feeling of being home. And things are looking good so far.

Next visitors in two weeks. My parents. Will they take more convincing?




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