My first harvest

25 02 2011

One of the things I always said I would do when we moved here was to grow some of my own vegetables.

Now. I know my own limitations. I’m not green fingered by any stretch. I don’t know what the polar opposite is. But whatever you’d call them. That’s me.

But determined to grow things I was. And so I figured out what might be used the most and set about planting some Roma tomatoes, capsicums (peppers) and chillies.

And my first crop is pretty much ready.

Ok. So when I bought the tomato plant, I cheated a little as I bought the young plant with two fruit already growing. I’ve just nurtured those two infantile tomatoes to ripeness. But they’re mine. I’ll pick them and eat them. No one else!

I don’t know what I’m going to do with them exactly. And who knows how they’ll taste. But who cares. I will take pride in harvesting my first crop.




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