Hello world!

17 02 2011

As much as I’d love my first blog post to be insightful and enlightening, I’ll just start at the beginning and go from there.

My husband and I visited NZ in October 2009. It had been number one on our dream destination list for, like, ever. Just before we came out here, someone put a silly idea in our heads about moving here. Hmmm.

Our thoughts turned to researching what was needed, how likely it would be to happen, how others had fared. The web was a fantastic resource, especially the real life examples of the folks on this forum.

And so we set off on our three-week journey of discovery. Would we even like NZ? How much did things cost? Did it have all the things we’re used to?

Did it meet our expectations? No, it didn’t. It went way beyond them. The people, the scenery, the way of life, all drew us deeper under the country’s spell, willing us to return.

Upon our return to the US, where we were living at the time, I set about trying to find a job, as that was the only way we were going to get enough points to run the immigration gauntlet.

Now, there are probably much easier ways to enter the country, but to us, having Residency in hand was the best way. It gave us some security for the future. Although there were several times I wanted to just say “fuck it” and head over here anyway! But I needed a job offer to make that happen.

I spent 6 long months where I seemed to be forever writing CVs and cover letters for jobs I was perfectly (or over) qualified for, and receiving rejection after rejection – if they even bothered to write to me at all. Finally, a breakthrough. A job offer came my way. And our journey to a new life began.




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